5 Reasons Why Your Muscle Is Sore

 5 Reasons Why Your Muscle Is Sore

5 Reasons Why Your Muscle Is SoreMuscle soreness is a common issue at specific points in our lives. Muscle soreness is ought to occur after a strenuous exercise or as a result of injury due to physical activities. Often muscles work harder than they are habituated to. It is believed that injuries can cause microscopic damage to your muscle fibres that can result in further muscle stiffness or muscle soreness.

Five reasons that cause muscle soreness are:

Strenuous physical activity or exercise

Initiating a workout can be troublesome if muscles are not adapted to the increased demands that the activities ask for. Minor pains and aches in certain muscle groups indicate that muscles are trying to adapt to a certain fitness regimen.


Most muscles are cured within a few weeks of injury. But, if the muscle pain lasts longer than expected, then it is time to seek a physiotherapist as soon as possible.

Your muscle can be strained or sprained depending upon the injury you encountered. It can be due to laceration, traumas, or contusion. A muscle tear is popularly known as strain and it is classified into three categories.


People living stressful lives are more prone to muscle pain and soreness. The body produces more stress hormones that can increase muscle tension and the sensitivity of pain. Any group of muscles can be affected.

Medical Conditions

Several medical conditions are accompanied with muscle pain and soreness. A proper diagnosis is needed for a successful treatment option. Common conditions responsible for muscle pain are arthritis, fibromyalgia, and polymyalgia rheumatica.

Vitamin and Mineral Deficiency

If your body does not have enough vitamins and minerals, then you are ought to develop muscle soreness. Vitamin D is the most common vitamin, whose deficiency causes muscle strain and soreness.
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