Osteopathy or osteopathic approach is a hands-on procedure or a manual therapy discipline. Its main goal is to restore the body’s natural equilibrium, energy and harmony of patients who are feeling ill or low.In this treatment procedure, a patient is treated with a global approach instead of just treating the symptom of the pain or strain. At Dixie Physiotherapy & Wellness, we have a registered osteopath at our facility who utilize manual techniques to treat our patients on different levels such as articular, visceral, cranial and fascial. Osteopathy is effective in diagnosing the cause of the problem rather than just focusing on the treatment of symptoms.

What We Do On Your First Visit?

On your first visit at our clinic, we’ll assess your condition using a hands-on approach. At the first, we’ll start with an extensive case history and assessment. After diagnosing your illness, our osteopaths will follow a personalized treatment by working on your body’s interconnected stresses and strains to help correct the imbalances. Our osteopathic approach is meant to improve the intrinsic health and vitality of the patient to promote self-healing and self-regulation.

Health Conditions We Treat

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