Dixie Physio endeavours to be the most confided in shockwave therapy throughout Mississauga. Our emphasis is on joining clinical greatness with exceptional client care. We demand input from each tolerant and use it to guarantee our future will consistently be more noteworthy than our past. We measure our prosperity by the effect we make on our patient’s lives. At the core of Dixie Physio is our group of extraordinary experts. View yourself and see why many patients believe Cornerstone is an accomplice in their quest for great well-being.
What’s in store at Your Shockwave Therapy Appointment with Dixie Physio

Evaluation of Your Condition

To decide whether shockwave therapy is appropriate for you, we will evaluate your condition. Our experts will suggest you continue with shockwave treatment if we feel it will have a significant effect on your restoration.

Improvement Of a Plan

In light of your appraisal’s discoveries, we will suggest a treatment plan including the ideal shockwave boundaries, recurrence of treatment, and any extra activities or stretches you should do between medicines.

Your First Shockwave Therapy Treatment

We will utilize our best-in-class Shockwave System to convey your treatment. Most medicines require 4-6 minutes to finish.

After Care

We will give you regular information and updates on what you ought to and should not do between arrangements to get the ideal outcomes.

Uncertain if our administrations are fitting for your concern? Dixie Physio offers a free consultation throughout Mississauga with a certified expert to examine your issue and give genuine guidance about treatment choices. Connect with us today!

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